Performance review

Performance Management Review

“Measurement is at the heart of the organisational process. What is measured becomes visible, what is rewarded gets done”
– Institute of Management Accountants

Performance Management Review

Leadership Talent has extensive experience in helping clients to manage talent in an integrated manner that includes (amongst others) aspects such as performance management, succession management and career management. Leadership Talent partners with organisations to help their employees throughout the organisation understand performance management, leading to decreased conflict and disagreements during performance management reviews.

“If people are the greatest creators of value in organisations, good performance management is critical for organisational success. Employees must understand what’s expected of them, and to achieve those goals they need to be managed so that they’re motivated, have the necessary skills, resources and support, and are accountable” (CIPD).

Performance Predictor Model

performance predictore model

Source: Brian Khumalo (2009)