Executive Outplacement

Organisations in transition means Executives in transition

A holistic approach

Some of the biggest challenges facing organisations in the current economic climate are managing Retrenchments and Low Employee Productivity due to employee wellness challenges brought about by the advent of COVID-19. In 2019, there were over 13 000 retrenchments made across various industries and job loss projections for 2020 are truly staggering. As a caring employer, partnering with Leadership Talents’ Executive Outplacement Services, we will provide the cushion for executives to land during the traumatic time of uncertainty, after being laid off work

Our holistic approach addresses the following:

  • Self-Leadership Development (leading during change) – showing empathy and compassion during this difficult time. As much as this does not eliminate the pain you and your employees feel during this time, compassion can help begin the process of healing for all
  • Handling personal circumstances and impact. Facing and dealing with your own pain, whilst being there for your employees / colleagues
  • Handling and supporting employees. Being present and aware of the different levels of pain, and the required support for the diverse workforce